Speckled Mugs & Bowls || My Treasures From The Pottery Studio

15 weeks ago I rolled into an 8-week beginner’s pottery wheel class at Baltimore Clayworks with a friend wearing matching checkered aprons. I was excited to learn a new skill, have some fun, and somehow expected myself to make an entire set of 12 bowls & 12 mugs for our kitchen. LOL. I’m an Enneagram 1 (wing 7 thanku) can you tell? While weeks 1-4 weren’t worth bragging about, week 5 rolled around and I started to hit a stride y’all. In between our once-a-week classes, open studio hours consumed the majority of my days where I’d spend anywhere from 4-10 hours at a time (not including the 2 hour roundtrip drive!) hunched over the wheel committed to worsening my posture. One week I clocked in 22 hours, acting like this was my no-pay part time job. The routine became zen: watching the wet clay swirl around the wheel, shaping a blob into something beautiful, trimming & etching details once dried, dunking the pieces into creamy glaze, and excitedly recognizing the finished product post kiln-firing. After pouring every free hour into this newfound creative flow, I managed to squeak out my mug & bowl set after all! Here are some before, during, & after photos to maybe ignite a little pottery spark of yours :).


April 24, 2020