Backyard Eco-Friendly Wedding On The Chesapeake || Sara & Alfonso

This weekend I photographed an intimate wedding ceremony of two incredibly sweet, thoughtful, and artistic souls. Sara & Alfonso light up the room with their joyful smiles and are quick to take care of others – even on their own wedding day! When Saturday afternoon rolled in, they gathered their immediate families & friends in Alfonso’s sister’s gorgeous backyard and virtually gathered more than 120 loved ones via a livestream Zoom call. With a gorgeous backdrop of the Chesapeake Bay peppered with sailboats, these two made their marriage official and kissed under a confetti of lavender buds tossed into the air.  Their adopted pup Pepa (@pepathepitt!) made a valiant effort to steal the show with her cuteness as their ring bearer and was such a fun energy all day. As the pastel sunset faded into the night, the celebration continued with smoky mezcal cocktails, a delicious plant-based dinner spread, vegan cakes & cheesecake pops, and lively merriment. All around, a wonderful celebration of love. <3

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


August 11, 2020