Peaceful Sunrise Elopement in Oia, Santorini || Brittany & Joe

Our adventure stirred at 4am, waking up before any rays of sun touched the morning dew on the Greek Isles. While crowds had gathered in the legendary romantic city of Oia, Santorini the night before, Brittany, Joe, Hunter, & I were the only crazy oddballs going for sunrise. On the way there, Brittany & I found olive trees and fastened a crown out of their leaves #bcuzgreece. We journeyed through the iconic blue dome churches, climbed the eccentric slanted walkways, and found rooftops to soak in the warm purple glow of the early sun. As we walked through this layered city we discovered something new around every corner, which made getting lost verrrry easy but also verrrry rewarding. Brittany & Joe were CHAMPIONS and were on board for any adventure – what a memory it was to document their peaceful love in a city of coastal views, castle ruins, wandering cats, and flowering pink bougainvillea trees ♡.

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured

Adventures, Weddings

May 2, 2018