Windy Elopement Inspiration on the Cliffs of Oahu || Mary & Travis

On the southeastern shore of Oahu you’ll find a swirled terrain of cliffs surrounded by crashing 20-foot waves. All-at-once you’ll feel the peace, awe, and power of Hawaiian nature and agree that it’s the ideal spot for an earthy elopement. Mary & Travis are true champions for adventuring through the cliff lines dressed in their finest – between Travis’ suspenders & Mary’s geometric headpiece they entirely rocked it. ROCKed it. And all while barefoot! We wandered through the ribboned red lava formations that reminded us of the Grand Canyon (the version of the GC that has crashing waves spraying on the layered rock and an uninterrupted view of the vast Pacific, of course). We altered our course based on the beautiful movement-creating winds, scrambled straight up the cliff faces, and huddled in swirly coves. This adventure was one we won’t forget – thank you Mary & Travis for letting us photograph your love ♥.

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


July 6, 2018