Baller Canoe Engagement on the Severn River || Sarah & Ted

THISSSSS. It’s Friday && this post is just filling me up with a spirit of adventure. And tons of laughs. Sarah & Ted’s engagement session was seriously baller. Between their hilariousness & the canoe snuggles & the sun-soaked joy, I couldn’t peel my camera away from my face the entire evening. We started out wandering the dirt paths of Kinder Farm Park where Ted proposed to Sarah a few short weeks ago. It’s just a walk from where Ted grew up so he was leading the way through all of the familiar trails & re-telling the nostalgic tales of his boyhood shenanigans which was 1000% entertaining. Just before dusk hit we zipped over to Ted’s parent’s home & launched their metal canoe on the waters of the Severn River where they first met group rafting. These guys get a frickin gold star for all of the balancing & tricks they accomplished in a CANOE in DECEMBER. And having to squish super close to me as their permanent third wheel. Like all the gold stars. Also can we appreciate Sarah’s style?! She made her feather hairclip (my soulmate) to go with her emerald green dress and plaid blanket scarf & then ROCKED that corduroy button dress, cozy sweater, & duck boots for the canoe venture. Sarah be my personal stylist PLZ. And to you both – THANK YOU for such a fantastic evening. I can’t believe it had only been one week since we met & made these memories because it feels like we go way back. Here’s to all that lies ahead!

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December 14, 2019