Epic Iceland Proposal In Front Of A Waterfall || Nichole & Tim

Well shoooot. Where do I even BEGIN?! Words can’t describe the absolute joy I have from being a part of such a significant moment in Tim & Nichole’s lives. And for living out my best life as an undercover agent in Iceland hahaha. Over the past few weeks, Tim & I prepared a plan to make the epicness of the scenery match the epicness of the anticipated life-changing question.

As I hiked back to the hidden waterfall of Kvernufoss in the wee hours of the morning, I refreshed my phone to see Tim’s shared location every 30 seconds and watch as they approached closer & closer. I sat atop my rocky perch like a gremlin & covered my face with a hat & scarf so you could only see my eyes (which were also hidden behind my camera). Tim walked Nichole to our set spot by the flowing stream & handed her a heartfelt letter to read filled with all the feelings. When Nichole looked up from the letter Tim knelt down to one knee & asked her to marry him. Spoiler: SHE SAID YES! I quickly snatched up all of my gear & ran down to them to catch all of the big feels (& to scare her because she actually knew the gremlin stranger LOL). And I mean, dang, what a freakin monumental moment to capture on camera. As they continued to explore the waterfall, Tim filled Nichole in on all of the details of his plan over the past few weeks and definitely sighed a breath of relief.

Still soaking it all in, we went back to their camper van that was parked in front of Skógafoss (another incredibly massive waterfall), and cooked bacon & pancakes on the portable stove as per their Sunday tradition. The joy & giddiness lasted us all day long as we explored the entire Southern region of Iceland for a continuous 20 hours taking some freaking incredible photos. We discovered caves of staggered basalt columns near the black sand beaches of Vík, soaked in the sun on the cliffs of Dyrhólaey, snuggled up with blankets in the moss-covered Southern mountains, man-handled our way around the iconic plane wreck, and ended the night with mini matte black champagne bottles in a hot tub in front of the mountains. LIKE. WHAT.

I’ll shut up now. Just take a look at this magnificence for yourself:

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June 10, 2019