Amangiri Wedding in the Utah Desert with a Horseshoe Bend Ceremony || Taylor & Joe

Amangiri Resort Wedding Photo of Bride and Groom in the Utah Desert

Wedding Day

Taylor & Joe’s Utah Amangiri wedding day began with a relaxed morning of room service breakfast & a picture-frame view of Utah’s desert. They chose Amangiri as the backdrop of their wedding day, a luxe resort of architectural splendor. Before beginning their wedding festivities, we enjoyed serenity with a cup of coffee. Then, kicking it off at Amangiri’s iconic spa pool, we played in the desert sun as it cast magnificently angled shadows. Then we adventured up the creamy white mesa to soak in the views. After a short pitstop in their picturesque room, we packed up & hiked out to Horseshoe Bend for their ceremony. Away from the crowds, Taylor & Joe exchanged private vows to one another overlooking the bend. The moment was perfectly sweet, a celebration of the love they’ve built over the years.

Amangiri Wedding Venue

The Amangiri resort exceeded my expectations. Located in Canyon Point, Utah, it offers vast views of the Utah desert with gorgeous wind-carved mesas on their 600 acres. The interior architecture also echoes the color palette, textures, and nature inspirations in true Aman style. Nature inside & out. When you walk around the property, you’ll also be dazzled. Their award-winning spa offers the perfect opportunity to restore & balance while the all-inclusive resort restaurant provides delicious nourishment.

In addition to weddings at Amangiri, their experienced staff will coordinate incredible adventures to really spice up your stay. Private helicopter tours of the canyons, hózhó healing at the spa, sunrise yoga with 360-degree views of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and tours of their private slot canyons. Just to name a few! Your wedding experience becomes so much more than just one day.

Amangiri Time Zone

If you’re considering getting married at Amangiri, note that though they are located in Canyon Point, Utah, the resort goes by Mountain Standard Time (MST). Since the resort is just a couple of miles from the border of Arizona, this works nicely if you’re planning any visits to Page, Arizona (the nearest town), Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon on Navajo Nation, Grand Staircase Escalante, or Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon as they are all also in MST.

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Words from Taylor, the bride:

What did you love about your wedding location?

The Amangiri resort really speaks for itself. It had the perfect mix of luxury and nature so that we could be in our element (hiking, being outdoors) but still feel like VIPs. I loved the uniqueness of the setting and how it afforded us a way to elope in the desert without truly roughing it in a tent etc (which we did consider btw). Waking up to the view (even at 4am) was breathtaking, and it made the elopement feel more like a vacation than I could have hoped. 

What was your favorite memory of your wedding day?

Every. single. part. 

But seriously. There was no stress, no worries, no plans. Thanks hugely in part to Victoria. Just the 3 of us adventuring at our leisure and hiking around some stunning rock formations. It was basically a normal day for us, in much better clothing. And I loved it. It took all of my nerves away.

I was so afraid of the day feeling inauthentic.  Everything down to the vow templates I googled leading up to it felt so forced and not for me. If you know us as a couple, you know that the moments of privacy hold the highest value. To have had our special day echo that sentiment was very emotional for me.

How did you decide on your wedding dress?

I bought my wedding dress from Etsy and with veil included it totalled $300. The evolution of the purchase really started with the fact that we were originally going to be hiking through Zion to find our ceremony elopement spot. And for about a year before that, we were throwing around the idea of the courthouse…. Embellishments and frills felt unnecessary.  I needed to wear something that I didn’t care about getting dirty, not have many accessories to fiddle with, and actually I never even planned to wear heels (which is why my dress was a little short when I put them on – it was made for me to be barefoot/wearing flats).  

As I’m sure you remember, planning a Zion wedding with locations, lodging, and trying to include family got way too tricky.  It started feeling very quickly like it was a day for everyone but us. I don’t quite remember how I stumbled upon Amangiri (Pinterest maybe?) but when I brought it up to Joe the first time I posed it as a joke. Like- “OMG imagine if we went here??? How extravagant. But of course, each day that passed had us bringing up the location with a little more seriousness than the day before – could we use wedding gift money to help pay? I mean… this would also count as our honeymoon so technically we’re SAVING money…

Do you have advice for couples planning their wedding?

Stay true to yourselves as a couple and do exactly what you want. For us, that was leaving family behind (sorry mom and dad lol) and rock climbing in a wedding dress and suit. It felt authentic and easy. We didn’t worry or stress about staying on a timeline. The day was effortless, allowing us to enjoy the little moments that made it all so special. Stolen glimpses and endless laughs. So many couples experience stressful wedding days, barely remembering it. They are also pulled in so many directions they don’t spend time with their partner for most of the day!

I knew that a traditional wedding did not suit either of our personalities. It was a concept that made us both squirm… I have to profess my love for you in front of how many of our “closest” relatives?! All I ever cared about was being with the man I loved, and having stunning photos (because… duh). Everything else was secondary.  We even turned our phones off for the entirety of the morning, and when we finally decided to turn them back on that afternoon, both of us were SO happy to have shared a morning of calm before the storm.

Vendor Team

Venue // Amangiri

Wedding Dress // Etsy

Ceremony Officiant // Universal Heart Ministry


October 11, 2021