Chill Winnebago Camping Engagement With A Lighthouse Hike || Lauren & Nick

Well this is one heck of a wonderful engagement session. Lauren & Nick spent an extended weekend at Elk Neck Park camping in their renovated Winnebago, hiking, making chicken pot pie over the fire, taking naps with their dogs Scotch & Stone, and enjoying the peaceful & quiet respite. So I tagged along on the last day of their camping trip to snag some sweet memories of their hella cool life. We trekked out through grassy fields to a lighthouse on a cliffside & don’t think Lauren & I ever stopped laughing at Nick’s hilarious shenanigans. After walking around we landed back at their campsite to make a fire & snug Scotch & Stone as the daylight faded. Lauren & Nick, there’s NO DOUBT I’m pumped to hang out with you guys again in February & get you married :)!

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


January 10, 2020