Organic Farm Wedding Ceremony With Their Immediate Families || Reid & Jeff

When you close your eyes & envision the morning of your wedding, maybe you see yourself robed-up & relaxing with cucumbers over your eyes. Or maybe you see yourself sharing a sweet lil brunch with your momma chatting about what the day will bring. You probably don’t envision your car breaking down at a gas station as you drive from Florida to Maryland hours before your ceremony as Reid & Jeff experienced. YIKES. These two certainly had some obstacles as they shifted around their wedding plans once the pandemic hit, taking it all calmly in stride with plenty of head shaking & laughter.

When the time came to celebrate their union at Reid’s aunt & uncle’s organic farm, everything fell into place. Nestled in the rolling hills of Northern Maryland, Reid & Jeff exchanged rings as they committed their lives to one another in a beautiful backyard garden with their families. As they shared a meal in the open red barn watching the purple sunset glow over the lavender field, it was easy to wonder if that’s exactly the way it was all meant to be. Reid & Jeff, congratulations on finding your forevers in one another <3. And Jeff, way to ROCK that dapper forest green suit my man.

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


May 27, 2020