Rainy Engagement Session With Water Shoes & Their Dog Blue || Isabel & Brett

I’m a big fan of rain. I love the puddles, the romance of sharing an umbrella, & the uniqueness of photos you can create. So when Isabel & Brett were all-in despite the rainy forecast for their engagement session, I was READY. Before the rain was even in mind, these two emailed me to bring water shoes so we could adventure through the dam. Adventure was the game plan from the start. Their dog Blue joined our rainy adventure and was king of sniffing out treats for himself along the walk. He even found a bone – we assume to be a chicken bone haha – and was adamant it was now his. Together we explored the flowering foliage, stone ruins, and rolled up our pants to wade through the water flowing from the dam wall. We had a great time & now I’m even more excited to rock their wedding day at Patapsco Female Institute this fall!

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


May 28, 2021