Relaxed Wine-Forward Intimate Elopement at Penns Woods Winery || Michelle & Tom

When life throws you grapes, you gather up your family & friends & get married with buckets of great wine. As I walked into Michelle & Tom’s house in the early day, I read a letterboard sign that said “A marriage so nice, we’re doing it twice”. The motto soaked into the day as excitement built for both this day of their marriage & musings of future dance parties to be had. Among the hills of Penns Woods Winery, Michelle & Tom joined their dearest to celebrate their uniting hearts. We walked along cascading rows of curling grape vines to witness their ceremony & cheer as the declaration was made. We wandered along the beautiful scenery to soak up the moment and warm sunshine. Then the corks were popped, wine was poured, toasts were made, cake was eaten, and great merriment was had. It was a sweet afternoon that will always be dearly remembered. 

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


September 22, 2020