Renovated Skoolie In-Bus Chill Sesh || Alexa & Kyle & Trippy The Ragdoll

Yeah that title just about sums all of this radness up. Rewinding a year & a half ago, I met Alexa & Kyle for an in-home session in their cozy Baltimore rowhome. We drank coffee, snuggled their adorable ragdoll Trippy (who I’m convinced is related to our ragdoll Keo), and dreamed of their future travels around the US on a laminated Barnes & Noble map. This time around, we did the exact same things – coffee, Trippy snugs, & route planning on the same map. Except this time we rocked it in their renovated skoolie that came to life out of their long-held vision of endlessly roaming. Together Alexa & Kyle took a short school bus, stripped it down to its bones, and created a home inside to transport them around the country. That’s pretty frickin awesome. It’s no doubt been a labor of love & sweat and this chill session was a sweet way to celebrate their triumph of making their dream a reality. You can check out their before & after renovations and follow their adventures here!

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured

Adventures, Engagements

October 29, 2019