Spontaneous Elopement in Our Backyard After COVID-19 Changed Their Plans || Jess & Aaron

The past few weeks have brought unprecedented changes, to say the least. In the midst of cancelations & social guidelines becoming progressively stricter every hour, Jess & Aaron’s April wedding at the Patapsco Female Institute had to be postponed. Their excitement to be married led them to a spontaneous elopement right in our literal backyard! There’s no doubt that Hunter & I love our couples & feel for every one of them having to reschedule in this frenzy. It was an obvious yes to use what God has given us to help in this craziness. With huge deck AND dock renovations underway, we squeezed every hour out of the 5 days we had to push through and be photo-ready. Working right up until 15 minutes before their ceremony, Hunter screwed temporary boards down in the three remaining gaps so no one would fall through. LOL.

When the moment arrived, the handful of us walked into the backyard with their virtual Facebook Live guests cheering Jess & Aaron on as they got married. Their ceremony was incredibly sweet, meaningful, & centered around Jesus; a shining beacon of light & joy greatly welcomed in these days. Friends who weren’t able to physically stand with them (#socialdistancing) lined up in front of the driveway to surprise them & it was DELIGHTFUL. It was like a drive-by reception of cheering friends!

Jess & Aaron, we are thrilled for you two to finally be married! And to all of you reading this may you stay safe, choose faith over fear, & welcome meaningful new routines.

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March 24, 2020