Sunrise Engagement In Ocean City New Jersey With Their Dog Daisy || Casey & Anthony

It’s a special sentiment to photograph two people in love who’ve been dear friends in my life for many years. Casey & Anthony & I go back to college days where we shared many laughs, study sessions, and annual kickball tournaments. Casey & I were roommates our last year and bonded even more over the ridiculousness of life with our two v strange roommates. After graduation, these two wonderful folks began dating and it was everything I could have hoped for. Now they’re engaged & I’m thrilled to photograph their love! Ocean City, NJ has a sweet spot in their lives, Casey’s grown up going to her family’s house right on the water & now Anthony’s joined in the memories. After spending the night walking the boardwalk and eating Manco & Manco’s pizza we woke up before the sun and headed right for the pastel-soaked beach with their sweet & goofy dog Daisy. Once Daisy’s paws hit the sand she bolted around in zig-zagged circles making me laugh so hard when I saw her contorted shapes on my camera. So now they’re here for you to enjoy :). Casey & Anthony, I’m so happy for you guys & the path that brought you to one another. I can’t wait for the adventures ahead & to get down with you guys on the dance floor in May!

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


June 12, 2019