Windy Mountain Engagement Adventure || Kristina & Steven

When I first met Kristina & Steven over (decaf) coffee, we bonded over our abnormal caffeine intolerances & I left feeling like I had just caught up with two old friends. These kind folks live in Boston so we timed their engagement session to land during one of their visits here in Baltimore. With a vision for adventure & mountain landscapes, we hiked our way through Sugarloaf Mountain – my favorite Maryland mountain-y gem. We ascended jagged amber rocks, meandered through the winding pathways, and mustered up some deep grit to face the whipping wind head-on towards the end with those epic views. As I scroll through these photos they bring me such joy, seeing the way Steven & Kristina look at each other is a grand reminder of why engagement photos exist. Although we might’ve frozen our fingers off, I looooove those photos on the mountaintop with the wind blowing through Kristina’s hair, catching amber-gold sun rays between the tree limbs. You two, thanks for being such champions with the wind & hike & for being great adventure buddies!

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured



April 5, 2019