Woodsy Anniversary Adventure At Washington Rock State Park || Brittany & Marc

Two of the coolest things about my job are the people I get to meet & the places I get to see. While photographing a wedding this past February (back when crowds didn’t cause such a panic) I met two kind guestfolk and hit it off. When their one year anniversary rolled around just a couple months later, we found ourselves out exploring a new park together to celebrate! It’s a joy the way life works in circles. Brittany, Marc, & I met up at Washington Rock State Park to enjoy ourselves a breezy summer evening climbing trees & moseying along the rocky structures. We played around with two coin-operated tower viewers (according to google this is what they’re called lolol) overlooking New York City & the surrounding landscapes. It was one fine evening indeed!

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


June 17, 2020