Edgy Industrial Baltimore Engagement at Clipper Mill || Rachel & Brian

Last week I met up with Rachel & Brian to celebrate their engagement & capture some photographs of their fun love. These two are super creative – Rachel is one heck of an artist & illustrator while Brian is a musician & film buff. We brainstormed early on to find a location that was just as interesting & quirky as their bond and landed on the industrial area of Clipper Mill. Rich in personality, this spot was an absolutely perfect match! Rachel & Brian saw the urban quirk as a beautiful juxtaposition to their earthy garden wedding that’s coming up in just a few short months. We spent the evening roaming around, sharing inspirations & stories with plenty of laughter. Partway through our time together, Rachel laughed & said that one of the most surprising facts about Brian is his love for black metal music. So, naturally, we cranked up the energy and played some of his favorites which led to some rock hands & dance moves that were the highlight of the night. For the last few minutes of our session, they hopped into matching band tees from a concert where they met for the first time. That’s about as full-circle as it gets! Rachel & Brian, thanks for meeting me in Baltimore to capture these sweet moments of your engagement season! Can’t wait to see you again soon :)!

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


June 28, 2019