Sikesville Engagement Adventure With A Flower Field Sunset || Ashley & Mike

Ashley & Mike’s engagement session was one heck of a grand adventure. We journeyed to three separate locations, each location taking on its own personality and vibe. I’ve been exceptionally excited to hang out with these two since our first phone call a few months ago when I fell in love with Ashley’s fun & easygoing personality (& sweet southern accent that reminded me of home). We walked around the downtown streets finding approximately 1,000 fun photo pockets and chatted the whole way. These two are a total joy to be around! After our leisurely stroll, we jumped over to Patapsco State Park to get outdoorsy and adventure through the large rocks alongside the splashing water rapids. We fully embraced the nature inspirations before catching the vibrant sunset at our last stop on the list, Butterbee Farm. The rolling hills of Butterbee are really something beautiful, endless rows of colorful floral blooms that keep a heavenly scent floating into the air. Fanning out a picnic blanket, Ashley & Mike whipped out a bottle of red wine to celebrate this engagement season of their lives in style (and bc wine is always a good idea). You two, thanks for being great adventure buddies! I can’t wait to amp it up to the NEXT LEVEL when we take on MEXICO for your wedding! I’ll just be over here counting down the months :):):).

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured

Flower Field // Butterbee Farm

Hair & Makeup // Amanda Merrell


July 2, 2019