In-Home Engagement Session With Homemade Cake, Two Cats, & An Adorable Pup || Margaret & Steve

Now that photography in Maryland & Anne Arundel County has *officially* been given the green light, I’m RRRDDDDYYYY to get out in the real world and go on adventures with rad people. I posted one of my favorite photos from Margaret & Steve’s engagement session on IG yesterday and wrote “These days are the perfect opportunity to wake up & smell the azaleas in your own backyard”. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. We’ve all spent nearly the entirety of our days within the boundary lines of our ‘properties’. Without a rush of social activities, an endless bucket list, or run-you-to-the-ground errands, we’ve found ourselves in quite a new, simple rhythm of life spent with the ones we love.

For Margaret & Steve, they’ve embraced their kitchen-table-turned-office space, welcomed the daily snugs with their cats & pup, celebrated the gentle spring cycles of backyard blooms, and taken up the opportunity to bake treats for their own enjoyment. Margaret has a drool-worthy Instagram of her gluten-free goodies & baked a gorgeous monochrome cake for her & Steve to indulge in for their engagement session. YUP. It’s officially time to use your engagement session as a reason to eat cake 👏🏼👏🏼 . I had such a delight hanging out with these two, hiding in azalea bushes, losing my mind with excitement when their cat jumped on my shoulder (!!), laughing at the massiveness of Steve’s cake slice, & celebrating this sweet season of their lives.

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


May 22, 2020