Intimate Ceremony In Her Parent’s Living Room || Julia & Eric

Intimate weddings are incredible. They give you permission to relax, allow you to focus on your commitment to one another, relieve you of being the center of 150 people’s attentions, and give you space to really soak in the significance of your ceremony. And now with the COVID-19 pandemic swiping through wedding season, elopements & intimate ceremonies are becoming the new Plan A’s! Many of my couples whose ‘big’ weddings were postponed are opting to have their sweet ceremony this year and have sighed relief. They’re finding this new permission to elope to be exciting and much more fitting to their personalities. And what a fantastic silver lining to come out of this!

Julia & Eric’s sweet family ceremony in her parent’s living room is a shining example of all of this. With their parents & siblings by their side, they committed their lives, their forevers, and their love to one another as two families united into one. What a story to remember as they shared a meal, laughed, and celebrated the vows of these two wonderful, loving souls <3.

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured


May 19, 2020