Mod Indoor Session Pre-Quarantine In Our Home || Erin & Jonathan

Last week we had an in-home hang sesh with our bffs Erin & Jonathan of Kemp Collective, & today I’m sharing photos of these two love birds! About a year (?) ago these two jumped into our lives & I can very confidently say that it’s been such a joy & we can’t imagine our lives without them. We spend hours laughing together, pigging out on frozen pizzas & french fries, watching the Bachelor, making fun of the Bachelor, taking photos of each other, antiquing, drinking margaritas, celebrating the highs of life & sharing the pains of the lows. Their hearts for Jesus inspire us frequently & we’re so grateful for their friendship! So here’s a little handful of photos that warm my heart <3.

Victoria Selman Maryland Wedding Photographer and Videographer. Filename: featured



March 6, 2020